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Launch of Obama's foreign policy
In my view, international politics of Barack Obama is too idealistic and ambivalent. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. Many associate Barack Obama coming with departure from the «aggressive policy» of George Bush Jr. and believe that he can change the world. Placing so much on the one person is not possible to avoid disappointment. Moreover, Obama makes impression of cunning politician.
Obama administration also raises many questions. Without doubt, he made up a team of skilled professionals: Hillary Clinton was chosen As Secretary of State, Robert Gates, an advocate of U.S. missile defense installations in the Czech Republic and Poland, the enemy of disarmament, the representative of the Bush administration, was chosen as Minister of Defense. Joseph Biden, Vice President of U.S., is known as a supporter of Israel. He has repeatedly opposed the sale of sophisticated weapons to Arab countries and is co-author of law of struggle against Palestinian terrorism. This suggests that Obama’s team is too cruel.
The main tutor of Obama on foreign policy is Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the developers of globalism theory and the author of the book «The Great chessboard». In the book he states that the aim of U.S. policy is «consolidation its dominant position» and «creating a system of global cooperation», which «legitimize the role of America as the first, only and last truly global superpower».
In general, in the area of U.S. foreign policy Barack Obama has made many significant steps.
In April Barack Obama repealed some restrictions on relations with Cuba, which was one of the election promises of the President.
Also it was suspended last trial of the prisoners on the U.S. military base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and it was forbidden the use of harsh interrogation methods. The closing of the prison was also one of the Obama campaign promises. Taking into account that all reports required to close the prison had not been prepared within the time frame, there are chances that the prison would not be closed until the beginning of 2010, as promised Obama. In addition, problem of the future fate of the prisoners is unresolved. This situation faces doubts about the validity of policy of the American President.
Among the first countries Obama has visited, U.S. President visited Turkey, making it clear to the Muslim world that its opinion is important to Obama. Despite the firmness of the U.S. alliance with Israel, the U.S. leader expressed his sympathy to the Palestinians. Obama declared that Palestine has the same right to exist, as Israel. These actions demonstrate the intentions of Obama to mend relations with the Muslim world. At the same time these actions highlight the idealism of his policy. It is very difficult to be simultaneously in good relations with two warring nations, though very profitable.
In the end of June U.S. troops withdrew from settlements in Iraq. Also identified the exact date - August 2010, after which in Iraq should not remain any U.S. soldier.
United States and India are working on the agreement on monitoring, which will contribute to strength cooperation between the armed forces of both countries and allow American companies to sell to India sensitive military equipment and technology.
Desire of Obama to renounce fully nuclear weapons looks like too naive. At the meeting with President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev President Obama made a proposal to reduce nuclear arsenals. Complete Russian-American reduction is not possible due to the risks associated with so-called «new members» of the nuclear club. Firstly, it is a question of Pakistan, Israel and India. Also, the Pentagon assumes that DPRK possesses the nuclear weapons. All countries will not agree to abandon their nuclear weapons.
Hillary Clinton described the new course in international affairs as «smart power». She said that U.S. goal is everything possible that they can do diplomatically, through sanctions, through the strengthening of the coalition of countries that can prevent Iran's power with nuclear weapons.
It seems to me that too dispersal policy of President and his team doesn’t cause a desire to cooperate, but thoughts about the crisis in the office of Obama.
Obama undertook a trip to Egypt. Also it has been a trip to Ghana, where Obama said that the course of events in the 21st century will be determined not only what is happening in Rome, Moscow or Washington, but what is happening in Accra. He also remembered his grandfather, who was from Kenya. As for me, Barack Obama does too much emphasis on his person as an instrument of foreign policy. Therefore, it seems to me that these meetings did not yield significant results.
At the August meeting is scheduled between the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America, which will meet to discuss security, economic and trade policies, health and regional issues, including the political crisis in Honduras.
The above facts indicate the uncertainty of priorities in international politics of the United States.
Hillary Clinton made a statement that the United States would actively encourage large and growing world countries - China, India and Brazil, as well as Turkey, Indonesia and South Africa - to act as full partners in solution of global issues.
In relations with Russia Obama held a "reboot", the result of which should be the conclusion of the strategic contracts and the overall improvement in relations. But Obama tactfully avoids the idea of caution of Russia against the United States and its imperialist interests.
In addition, Barack Obama has strongly advocated for the fight against hunger, genocide and climate change.
At this stage, the foreign policy of Barack Obama aims to improve the U.S. image in the world. In general the foreign policy of U.S. President’s Policy was launched successfully enough, but it is difficult to predict the result. I think that without changing of his actions in more defined and balanced, Obama can not achieve the desired results, because the tendency to establish relations with all nations of the world causes the feel of President’s dispersal. I like the political aspirations of Obama, but they are impossible to realize: they are too idealistic. To unite the world on the same appeals to morality is impossible. In addition, the team of the President is not cohesive that casts doubts on the stability of the country.
Taking into account President Obama’s administration and those fact that Zbigniew Brzezinski is an adviser of U.S. President, it is difficult to believe that Barack Obama aims to democratize the world and equality of countries. Rather, he simply builds diplomatic relations, under which the United States can again reach the leading position.

Kseniya Savchenko

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